As a hybrid art director and storyteller, I fuse talents and ideas in teamwork to craft relatable characters and memorable worlds.

Over the years, I've dedicated myself to the realms of comics, video games, and animation, nurturing stories and characters into life.

My journey, under the banner of creativity and passion, has found a home in studios such as Ubisoft Montreal and Eidos Montreal, as well as through the pages of comics published by the likes of Glénat and Dargaud.

In these collaborative ventures, I've honed my skills in art direction, concept art, and character design — transforming initial sparks of imagination into immersive, compelling narratives.

I've embarked on partnerships with game development teams and comic book creators alike, offering my expertise as an Art Director, Illustrator, and Writer.

My role often involves guiding projects from their inception to realization, ensuring that every artistic element aligns with the visionary goals of the venture.

It’s with great pride that I share the recognition for Child of Light at the Games Awards of Toronto, celebrating the enchanting character art and immersive world design created through our team effort at Ubisoft.

Similarly, Natty was honored at the International Manga Competition in Tokyo, a success that underscores the collaborative spirit at the heart of its creation with Corbeyran and Kness.

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I love seeing how people react to our creations, but what really blows my mind is checking out all the awesome stuff fans come up with based on my original designs for Aurora in Child of Light (shoutout to the AD: Thomas Rollus). Thanks for keeping the creativity flowing!

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