I create relatable characters for your projects, your audience and your brand, and more!



1 - Biography

I write biographies of your characters, in collaboration with writers. Where the characters come from, how they interact with other characters, their inner conflict, what they like to talk about, their needs, their type of action, etc... I can also be characters impersonating the values of a brand or for a specific purpose.

2 - Character Archetype

I use a methodology based on psychology and temperaments to reveal characters archetypes. Those 12 archetypes are relatable and easy to understand. It helps all people in a team, independently of their job, to get them without skills in writing, and to get them quickly.

3 - Character Fantasy

Based on the Archetype we can work on the fantasy of the character: a fallen Queen, a naive Savior, a solitary Explorer... What kind of fantasy the characters express ? What do we dream of when we look at the character ? the kind of life, the kind of powers, the kind of challenges ?

4 - Audience Reception

Then it's time to talk about what the audience must think and feel when the character will be presented to them. Not just the Archetype or the Fantasy, but his personality. The first feedback of the audience, the emotion attached to it. What is the purpose of this character ? Is this purpose understood by the audience ?



5 - Character Brief for Directors

Now it's time to get visual. I write a short brief based on the previous work, with visual references for the silhouette, face, clothes, weapons, props, posing, acting, etc... What must be likeable in the character, what he must vehiculate, what makes him relatable. The brief can be communicated esealy with writers, game designers, and other departements.

6 - Character Roughes

This step is for the creation of various sketches of the character, in the art style of the project, but without details. It's a really creative process with a lot of back and forth with the team. It's a good step to be sure that the character is on the same tracks as what the Directors have in mind.

7 - Character Concept Art

When everyone is on board about the direction, it's time to create a concept art of the character. It's more than just a costume design. We must see the fantasy, the Archetype, the emotions we want the audience to feel, the actions required by the game, the posing reflecting keypoint of the script.

8 - Character modelsheet

In order to get the Character in the game or cinematics, the team needs a neutral pose in different angles with zooms on some parts to get the character in details. It's time to jump with two feet in production!



9 - Art Direction Vision

I create a document with references, intentions, and a clear direction for the project, so the artist or the game designers can understand the vision.

10 - White Board for Artist

Then I do a white board brief for the artist so they have all the informations they need at the same place. All their questions answered. A mix of script, game design & art direction.

11 - Feedbacks & Paintovers

On a daily basis, with tools like Asana or zoom, for team artists or outsourcers, I give feedbacks, references, more informations, and encouragements in order to get the quality we expect. When needed I use paintovers directly on concept art to make sure everything is clear.

12 - Focus Test

As Art Director I can direct Art Assets to get the feedbacks of the Audience regarding Characters and Backgrounds.



13 - Storyboarding

I know really well how to tell a story visually. I've been published as a comics artist for major European companies. It can be a storyboard of a cutscene, a storyboard for finding gameplay of mission solutions, anything really.

14 - Background concept art

Of course it's not all about characters, I can propose art direction or concept art for backgrounds.

15 - Props concept art

Props can be important too for the production, matching the Art Direction and the personality of the Characters.

16 - Marketing assets & Illustrations

Cover Art, Promotional visuals, Focus Test Assets, In Game Illustrations... I can work on everything related to the audience or for production. As Art Director or Concept Artist.